Happy belated new year!

Wishing you a wonderful 2021! Let’s hope it will be a happy and healthy one! Fingers crossed! My website has had a makeover! Here are a few highlights from the past year, based on the most ‘post interactions’ on Instagram in 2020. Yes, there are a few older pics that have sneaked in there. Note most of my new artwork and news is posted on Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for stuff to buy with my artwork, you can find my MabelArt shop on Etsy and Teemill shop too. I always try my best to be as environmentally friendly as possible but I know there’s always room for improvement. See the four links at the top of the webpage.

I have also got a brand new Dragons in the Hills colouring sheet for the wonderful Dragons in the Hills project. Please feel free to download and colour in on these grey winter days. There’s plenty of detail in there to keep you busy, I hope you have a lot of shades of green in your pencil box! You can also go freestyle and use a broad brush to wash colour over large areas if you don’t want to feel constrained by the tiny details. Keep your eyes peeled for newts, frogs and lizards coming out in in the spring, I heard there are a few about already! Enjoy! Stay safe! Mx 😉

Dragon in the Hills Colouring Sheet Copyright Mabel Cheung Harris.  Black and white line drawing of common lizard, smooth newt and common frog tadpole with a pool, hills and wildflowers all around.

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!! 🐸🐍🦎 Huge thanks to everyone who bought my greetings cards, t-shirts, mugs, bottles, and prints! Since 2011, together we have raised a total of £379.02 for reptile and amphibian conservation, education and raising awareness. £93.22 has been raised from the #addersareamazing cards and prints for #AmphibianandReptileGroupsUk ARGUK and £285.80 for my local #DevonReptileandAmphibianGroup (DRAG). 🐸🐍🦎
If you want to get involved with amphibian and reptile conservation, surveys or habitat management or other events, please get in touch with your local ARG. DRAG is holding both reptile and amphibian survey training, plus it’s AGM, from mid-March. So get in touch soon if you’re interested, email 🐸🐍🦎 Hope you like my little cartoon, or is it a meme? My first foray into animation! 🤣 Bit of an effort for such a simple thing! 😅 You can see it here! Our first tadpoles hatched on Monday! Looking forward to watching them grow! 😊 Have a great weekend! Mx 😉 🐸🐍🦎

Belated Happy New Year! New cards and ARG UK merchandise

Belated Happy New Year! Apologies for radio silence on my website. Most news is on my Instagram and Facebook page @mabelart.devon. For those of you allergic to social media, which is very sensible, here are some collages of what I’ve been up to.

Paintings, prints and cards are all available to buy from my MabelArt shop on Etsy! I have also been busy adding my artwork to really useful merchandise to raise money for the Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK charity. If you like organic t-shirts, ceramic mugs, enamel mugs, insulated water bottles, prints and organic tote bags with fun reptile and amphibian characters, with no plastic packaging, please take a look! Enjoy browsing! Mx 😉

Adders are Amazing!

Apologies for this being my first webpage post in nearly a year. I have been using Instagram and Facebook for most news updates of late. Here’s a post from last week…

Adders are amazing! The final painting, for the Adders are Amazing! Project. The original painting is painted on an A3 sheet of watercolour paper using acrylic paints watered down as watercolours. It took 13 days over three weeks, with about 53hrs drawing and painting. And 7hrs admin. Thanks to Dr Sam Langdon Adders are Amazing! Project Coordinator and Dr Angela Julian, Coordinator ARG UK, for the opportunity to contribute to this project. We may sell this as prints, so watch this space if interested. This was quite a large painting job in quite a short turnaround time for me, so it might be my turn to hibernate now! Mx 🐍😉


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Gwiberod Gwych! Adders are Amazing! (C) Mabel Cheung Harris

Greater horseshoe bat at Berry Head

Greater horseshoe bat at Berry Head. A leaving card for an amazing colleague off to do valuable research on these enigmatic creatures. My first ever bat painting! And first Instagram post of my artwork! Hope this works… Mx 😉 #greaterhorseshoebats #berryhead #berryheadnationalnaturereserve #southhamsspecialareaofconservation

Sticker number 10, common lizard!

This is one of a series of stickers of reptiles and amphibians of the British Isles created with ARG UK  and NMNI.  The beautiful common lizard is Northern Ireland’s only native terrestrial reptile.  It ‘gives birth’ to live young wrapped in a thin translucent membrane, which is unusual as most lizards lay eggs.

If you are in Northern Ireland and submit a ‘What’s in your pond?’ survey result to the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording, they can send you some frog and newt stickers.  Ask if they have any common lizard stickers too!

Mx 😀

Smooth newt stickers spotted in Northern Ireland!

Ninth sticker in the set, smooth newt!  This was specially painted and made for NMNI and ‘What’s in your pond‘ .  As spotted on Northern Ireland’s Centre for Environmental Data and Recording – CEDaR

All the stickers and other educational resources can be found here.

Mx 😁

What’s in your pond has gone live!

If you live in Northern Ireland, you might fancy taking part in this pond survey project “What’s in your pond?”  (See previous post!)  It kicked off today!  If you are located anywhere else and fancied doing a pond survey anyway, find out if there is a local reptile and amphibian group that is organising anything.  If you are in the rest of the UK, have a look at Record Pool.

We have created some new stickers, factsheets and colouring sheets for the common frog and smooth newt, that will be a great addition to young herpetologists who want to take part.  These will be available from the ARG UK website in due course, or contact your local NMNI to see if they have some to hand out.

Happy frog and newt hunting!

Mx 😀



‘What’s in your pond?’ New logo!

Do you like peering into ponds, rummaging in the undergrowth or going on a twilight safari? Well look no further, the “What’s in your pond” campaign is for you! The aim is to encourage EVERYONE, including families and schools, to have a look in their ponds for frogs and newts, and any other amphibians or reptiles. You don’t even need a pond, you can also search out the undergrowth in your garden for these adorable creatures.  The project is run by the National Museums Northern Ireland; funded by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency; and run in partnership with The Herpetological Society of Ireland, ARG UK, and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.  This project is aimed at people in Northern Ireland, but people anywhere in the UK can also use Record Pool to record sightings.

I am very proud to have created the logo for the project and hope it helps to get more people out and about spotting!  I have added some pics of the roughs, and the evolution to the final logo.  There was lots of input from the partners at NMNI and ARG UK at the different stages on what would work best to suit their needs. As usual, these were painted with acrylic paints on watercolour paper.  More to follow in a couple of months…

Sorry!   More pics will be added here when I have resolved technical glitches! Otherwise, please find them on Facebook.


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