Winter Solstice Frogs

Happy Belated Winter Solstice 冬至快樂(Dung1 zi3 faai3 lok6) and, of course, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!


Frogs and toads sitting around a toadstool table making chinese sweet dumplings and eating the sweet ginger dumpling soup.  They are sitting in a snowy wood with yelow birch leaves around and a campfire in background.

I am a few days late for the solstice but finally got there in the end. Acrylic painting on A5 paper. It was meant to be a quick sketch but took me about 12hrs in the end, phew! These frogs and toads are having sweet dumplings 湯圓 (tong1 jyun2) in a brown sugar and ginger soup to celebrate winter solstice. Peanut butter filling is optional extra. I didnt realise until this week, but grandmother frog 婆婆 (po4 po2) told me that winter solstice was more important than Chinese New year in Hong Kong. That was a bit of a surprise! Whereas Chinese New year has all the lion and dragon dance razzmatazz. All we ever do to mark winter solstice, as far as I can remember, is make these dumplings, which are delicious, squidgy, sweet and spicy. Hence, I felt the need to mark this auspicious occassion with a new frog and toad painting. My life events as frog. Here are Small (common froglet) and Nano (natterjack toadlet) with Po Po frog spending quality time together rolling the rice flour balls, and other friends and family tucking into the cooked sweet dumplings.


Enjoy the festive season with whichever flavour celebration you choose. May 2022 bring you lots of joy, good health, prosperity and happiness! Stay safe! Mx 😉


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