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Thank you!!!

Thank you!!! 🐸🐍🦎 Huge thanks to everyone who bought my greetings cards, t-shirts, mugs, bottles, and prints! Since 2011, together we have raised a total of £379.02 for reptile and amphibian conservation, education and raising awareness. £93.22 has been raised from the #addersareamazing cards and prints for #AmphibianandReptileGroupsUk ARGUK and £285.80 for my local #DevonReptileandAmphibianGroup…

Belated Happy New Year! New cards and ARG UK merchandise

Belated Happy New Year! Apologies for radio silence on my website. Most news is on my Instagram and Facebook page @mabelart.devon. For those of you allergic to social media, which is very sensible, here are some collages of what I’ve been up to. Paintings, prints and cards are all available to buy from my MabelArt…

Adders are Amazing!

Apologies for this being my first webpage post in nearly a year. I have been using Instagram and Facebook for most news updates of late. Here’s a post from last week… Adders are amazing! The final painting, for the Adders are Amazing! Project. The original painting is painted on an A3 sheet of watercolour paper…

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About Mabel

I have been working in wildlife conservation since 1998 in all sorts of roles, currently with my local authority’s Environment Group, but drawing and painting have always been my hobbies, particularly of wildlife. Creating artwork is a challenge and gives me a real sense of achievement… Continue reading