Happy Year of the Tiger!

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Happy Lunar New Year!!! Happy year of the tiger! May this be the start of a wonderful year filled with love, peace, good health and happiness to all, and for our planet! ❤️💚🌍🌎


We are celebrating by putting up red lanterns, trying to learn a Happy New Year Song in Cantonese 😅and by getting out our Chinese Brush Painting kits to paint tigers! What does the year of the tiger have in store for you? https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/article/3163421/year-tiger-2022-your-luck-or-out-zodiac-sign-predictions-love-health As I was born in the year of the rabbit, it should be lucky for me😉, but I am currently typing this on my PC (very painful process) as my mobile phone has broke down 😭🤯😵. Fingers crossed my luck can only get better! On the upside, we are so very grateful that we had a delivery of delicious homemade Chinese roast duck, crispy belly pork and Chinese new year cake from our lovely parents, aunties and uncles🥰. Veganuary might have been put on pause for a bit.😋🤤😊

Tiger painting made using Chinese inks made from grinding an inkstick with water on a grindstone; bottled indian ink for jet black tones; Chinese traditional brushes and western/normal brush for fine details. No pencil! Which is scary for a person who usually spends as much time drawing in pencil as painting. The red stamp says “beautiful treasure” – my name in Chinese. I may add this later to my MabelArt shop on Etsy.


Support and donate to @wwf_uk @wwf_tigers @faunafloraint to help stop this beautiful endangered species from going extinct. There may, shockingly, be as few as 3,900 left in the wild. Never buy anything that you suspect could contain tiper products, its illegal and just so very wrong. Mx ❤️
PS. There is no tiger in @TigerBalm, its just a menthol cream “The tiger represents strength and its ability to pounce on pain.”😂

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Tiger resting on tree branch Chinese Brush Painting
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