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Wall mural: Haytor Bluebells & Wild Garlic – fox!

Mr Fox took two hours, not sure why it was so much quicker than the frog.  I think the leaping frog was a more complicated affair due to the unusual and complex shape.  I wanted the frog to look as anatomically correct as possible!  With the fox there’s the risk of drawing him inaccurately as…

Wall mural: Haytor Bluebells & Wild Garlic – amphibians!

Less time spent painting as returned to day job this week. Spot the difference?!                                           After four hours, frog finished after faffing around with shiny bits!  I hope the frog looks joyous, although I’m not…

Wall mural: Haytor Bluebells & Wild Garlic

Started on the 1st May 2014, at the time of writing, I have spent 44 hours over 17 days on this. I am using artists acrylic paints on a wall that measures roughly 2.8m wide x 2.35m high. Murals always take longer than I expect. This is my own fault for adding more and more…

New website!

Thanks to Abigail Wheeler for creating my new website!  I just hope I can do it justice and make the most of it by getting painting! M 😉