‘What’s in your pond?’ New logo!

Do you like peering into ponds, rummaging in the undergrowth or going on a twilight safari? Well look no further, the “What’s in your pond” campaign is for you! The aim is to encourage EVERYONE, including families and schools, to have a look in their ponds for frogs and newts, and any other amphibians or reptiles. You don’t even need a pond, you can also search out the undergrowth in your garden for these adorable creatures.  The project is run by the National Museums Northern Ireland; funded by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency; and run in partnership with The Herpetological Society of Ireland, ARG UK, and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.  This project is aimed at people in Northern Ireland, but people anywhere in the UK can also use Record Pool to record sightings.

I am very proud to have created the logo for the project and hope it helps to get more people out and about spotting!  I have added some pics of the roughs, and the evolution to the final logo.  There was lots of input from the partners at NMNI and ARG UK at the different stages on what would work best to suit their needs. As usual, these were painted with acrylic paints on watercolour paper.  More to follow in a couple of months…

Sorry!   More pics will be added here when I have resolved technical glitches! Otherwise, please find them on Facebook.


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