Educational resources for Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK

Work in progress in my studio, ie dining table :)
Work in progress in my studio, ie dining table 🙂







Long time no paint! Family life with two toddlers and day job have not left much time for much time for painting, or anything else. However I am pleased to say, with a lot of help from grandparents and hubby, I managed to squeeze in time to do some artwork in collaboration with the Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK. This is a charity that does fantastic nature conservation work to protect our wonderful scaly and slimy friends.  I was honoured to be approached by the group and, after several months of painting when I should be sleeping, I am pleased with the results. ARG UK have got some graphic designers to whip the images into some fun educational factsheets, colouring-in sheets, plus stickers available to all.

Do you know any children who might be even slightly interested in what a grass snake likes for dinner; why adders dance; how to tell your sand from your common lizard; what is a madfall ddwr gribog; and how long can slow worms live in the wild? If the answer is yes, go straight to the ARG UK website and download factsheets and colouring sheets for free! You can also buy sets of stickers for a very good bargain price!

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