Just Imagine Virtual Art Exhibition

Hurray! I’m one of the 12 winners of the WWF-UK Attenborough Film art competition! Feeling so proud to be included amongst so many fine artworks in a virtual art exhibition. My first art exhibition since completing an Art Foundation Course at Exeter College way back in 1998! I’ve never been to a virtual art exhibition before but I am pleasantly surprised. Thanks @andart__ ! Not just a slideshow, more of a virtual experience, please click the link to go there and see, and hear it, for yourself. There’s an animation and textile art too. I’d love to share screenshots of all the other artists’ works here but thought that might spoil the exhibition for you! Hence, I have struggled to pick just a few to share. Pictured are: @natalieellisart ; Ismay Alice Wells @twobytwoartcreations ;
Jack Cowley @mrjboc . Hope its OK to share? Please let me know if not!
Go to “Just Imagine | WWF” exhibition.
Find out about the “Winning Artists – David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet“.


If you want to watch a discussion between the art judges and WWF on how to use art to engage people, watch the recording here.

Just doing our bit to highlight the plight of our planet and the beauty of our nature. Well done everyone who got involved! 😉💪 Mx
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