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Sticker number 10, common lizard!

This is one of a series of stickers of reptiles and amphibians of the British Isles created with ARG UK  and NMNI.  The beautiful common lizard is Northern Ireland’s only native terrestrial reptile.  It ‘gives birth’ to live young wrapped in a thin translucent membrane, which is unusual as most lizards lay eggs. If you…


Smooth newt stickers spotted in Northern Ireland!

Ninth sticker in the set, smooth newt!  This was specially painted and made for NMNI and ‘What’s in your pond‘ .  As spotted on Northern Ireland’s Centre for Environmental Data and Recording – CEDaR @CEDaRnmni, All the stickers and other educational resources can be found here. Mx 😁


What’s in your pond has gone live!

If you live in Northern Ireland, you might fancy taking part in this pond survey project “What’s in your pond?”  (See previous post!)  It kicked off today!  If you are located anywhere else and fancied doing a pond survey anyway, find out if there is a local reptile and amphibian group that is organising anything. …


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I have been working in wildlife conservation since 1998 in all sorts of roles, currently with my local authority’s Environment Group, but drawing and painting have always been my hobbies, particularly of wildlife. Creating artwork is a challenge and gives me a real sense of achievement… Continue reading