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‘What’s in your pond?’ New logo!

Do you like peering into ponds, rummaging in the undergrowth or going on a twilight safari? Well look no further, the “What’s in your pond” campaign is for you! The aim is to encourage EVERYONE, including families and schools, to have a look in their ponds for frogs and newts, and any other amphibians or…


New sticker designs for ARG UK!

New sticker designs!  Introducing Frieda Frog, Thom Toad and Niamh Natterjack!  These stickers will be available from ARG UK for volunteer amphibian and reptile groups to take to public events, alongside the existing set.  To find out more go to the Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK educational resources webpages.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節快樂!

Discovered this gem by Andrew Haslen Mr Haslen is well known for his beautiful linocuts and watercolours of hares and the moon which would be perfect for the moon festival. However, I personally love this image of a singing yellowhammer as I enjoyed studying these chirpy chaps for my master’s thesis.  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節快樂! …


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About Mabel

I have been working in wildlife conservation since 1998 in all sorts of roles, currently with my local authority’s Environment Group, but drawing and painting have always been my hobbies, particularly of wildlife. Creating artwork is a challenge and gives me a real sense of achievement… Continue reading