Wall mural: Haytor Bluebells & Wild Garlic – owl

SAM_0899 mini


Spent a few hours over weekend on drawing the intricate details of the feathers of a buzzard in flight but then realised it’s probably best to try and get as much of the left hand-side of the mural finished first so the room can be used soon, ish. Hence just started this an hour before dinner. Obviously not finished yet. Owl’s feathers are quite a ‘ruffley’ and amorphous so less time spent fussing over whether each feather is in the right place, great!  Reckon it needs another hour or two, hopefully less!  Just need to find more free time to work on it! M 😉







SAM_0943 miniAnother 1.5hrs later, finally finished owl!  Therefore 2.5hrs spent on owl which brings total time spent on the mural to 54.5hrs!  Owl seemed so much easier than anticipated,  quicker than most of the other animals, so far…

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