Wall mural: Haytor Bluebells & Wild Garlic – ble bat, bluti, goldf & roe buck

After the owl and brown long eared bat, I felt it was time to get some colourful creatures into the mural.  In this case, the blue tit and goldfinch.  Will work on some butterflies soon as someone rightly pointed out that the mural seems to be vertebrate animals (ie larger charismatic types) only, so far.  Actually, I was already planning on adding a few inverts (ie insects and friends), but just haven’t got round to them yet… I think the little birds and bat bring the tree branches to life.  Plus, as they are tiny, the viewer can have fun trying to spot the animals. I ummed and ahhed about whether to add the deer, but glad I did now as there was a definite void in the picture before.  Bat took one hour, two birds took 2.5 hours and roe buck took 3 hours, taking the grand total to 61 hours.

SAM_0978 20pc SAM_0977 20pc SAM_0976 20pc SAM_0975 20pc

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