Thank you!!!

Thank you!!! 🐸🐍🦎 Huge thanks to everyone who bought my greetings cards, t-shirts, mugs, bottles, and prints! Since 2011, together we have raised a total of £379.02 for reptile and amphibian conservation, education and raising awareness. £93.22 has been raised from the #addersareamazing cards and prints for #AmphibianandReptileGroupsUk ARGUK and £285.80 for my local #DevonReptileandAmphibianGroup (DRAG). 🐸🐍🦎
If you want to get involved with amphibian and reptile conservation, surveys or habitat management or other events, please get in touch with your local ARG. DRAG is holding both reptile and amphibian survey training, plus it’s AGM, from mid-March. So get in touch soon if you’re interested, email 🐸🐍🦎 Hope you like my little cartoon, or is it a meme? My first foray into animation! 🤣 Bit of an effort for such a simple thing! 😅 You can see it here! Our first tadpoles hatched on Monday! Looking forward to watching them grow! 😊 Have a great weekend! Mx 😉 🐸🐍🦎

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